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Security & CCTV in the West Midlands

You may be thinking about securing your home with the installation of a security alarm system, or increasing the security of your business by installing a commercial-standard CCTV system. If you are thinking about either of these security aspects, then here at TV Link Ltd we are able to help with the supply, servicing and installation of a complete home security or commercial CCTV system.


Deciding which security system to go for can be a confusing task, as there are so many different options on the market. We can help you at TV Link Ltd by reviewing your residence or business premises, and coming up with the security or complete CCTV system that's most likely to address your specific needs.

Contact TV Link Ltd for the provision, maintenance and installation of complete security and CCTV systems

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Our security services include:

- Complete home security system installation

- Complete commercial CCTV system installation

- Supply and installation of alarms

- Supply and installation of security cameras

- Supply and installation of motion sensing devices

- Testing and maintenance of existing security systems


All our technicians and engineers are fully qualified to deal with the installation of security systems, from a simple home burglar alarm to a high-level commercial enterprise CCTV system. Call us and we'll discuss your specific security needs with you.